First Look at Aquaman’s Costume in Color

So we all know what Aquaman will look like from the chest up (in black & white) but how about a look at that in color? Or a look at the entire costume, head to toe, in color? While no official photos have been released, the upcoming action figure was on display at ToyFair. That means we finally get to see what Aquaman will look like.

Comic Con Portugal

Jason is going to be at Comic Con Portugal at the beginning of next month. Weekend tickets are currently €46, on December 3rd they go up to €50. There are no prices for anything else posted but besides panels, autographs and photo ops, there will be an opportunity for some meet & greets. The guests doing M&Gs haven’t been announced yet but keep an eye out for those as well.

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Jason Momoa Hints at Orange and Green Aquaman Costume

The world’s first look at Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry himself – that’s Aquaman’s real name, by the way – was all dark and dour, but Momoa has hinted at a more traditional get-up.

“There might be some bit of orange and green,” Momoa told The Robot’s Voice, thereby making hundreds of thousands of die-hard DC fans squeal with delight.

“[There’ll be a] bit of respect to prior work,” he added. “But I think he is meaner now and upset – look at what has been done to our oceans. That’s his world that has been polluted.”

Director Zack Snyder’s take on Aquaman will first be seen in the The Justice League Part One in 2017, before getting his own standalone film, Aquaman, in 2018.


Aquaman Release Date

The latest news on Aquaman is the release date for the Aquaman film. Coming after Justice League Part One, it now has a scheduled release date of July 27, 2018.

Jason (Doesn’t) Talk Aquaman at FanExpo

Jason got the usual Aquaman questions at his panel during FanExpo last weekend. The video below shows him not answering the questions. I’ve seen Jason at various cons since his part was first leaked eons ago and he’s getting better at the non-answers. It’s pretty amusing.

Grand Opening

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